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Rock Taping- A procedure that allows physical
therapists to use and apply rock or kinesio tape
directly on the skin of the injured area to reduce
pain and aids healing. This procedure helps
maintain a stable free pain position of bones
and muscles during sports activity or even
simple movement.

Benefits of taping includes:
•        Helps recover patients from overuse and   
other injuries
•        Restricts motion of injured joints and
other body parts
•        Compresses soft tissue and reduces
•        Supports body structure during injury
•        Protects injured joints from re-injury and
protects it while in the healing process.
•        Delays fatigue and enhances performance

Who will get benefit from this service?

Athletes without any symptoms of pain and
fatigue will benefit from this procedure as it
allows prevention of injury. For those athletes
with injury on certain body parts, this tape is
good for relieving pain caused by repetitive
activities like tendinitis , muscle pain, work
related and sport related injuries.