Physical Therapy (or Physiotherapy), often
abbreviated as PT, is a health care profession
which involves evaluating, diagnosing, and
treating disorders of the musculoskeletal
system. The ultimate goal of Physical Therapy is
to restore body functions up to its peak in the
absence of any pain and restriction.

Who could get benefit from our

Physical Therapists (PT’s) help rehabilitate
patients with both acute and chronic conditions
including accident victims, work/sports injuries,
individual with disabling conditions like
musculoskeletal/joint cases, low back pains,
arthritis, fractures, post surgery, stroke, spinal
cord injury, traumatic brain injury, other
neurological conditions like carpal tunnel
syndrome/sciatica , impingement syndromes ,
and old age related symptoms etc., or those
who are simply in pain. People of all health and
fitness level are candidates for physical therapy
depending on their injuries.
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