A therapeutic treatment procedure for pain that
uses a solid filament (acupuncture) needles,
inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a
myofascial trigger point. Myofascial trigger point
(“knot”) is located within the muscle and is
related to the production and maintenance of
pain cycle. The procedure is called DRY
NEEDLING because there is no injectable liquid
solution and typically the needle that is used is
very thin.

Most patients feel nothing when needles are
inserted into the muscles but some patients do
and when inserted and advanced into the
muscle the discomfort can vary drastically.
Usually a healthy muscle feels very little
discomfort upon insertion of the needle;
however, if the muscle is sensitive and
shortened because of injury or has active trigger
points within it, the subject may feel a
sensation much like a muscle cramp which is
often referred to as a twitch.
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